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Watch Dogs is a sandbox modern of Ubisoft that is acclimatised in a near future in which the player has in his can infinity of gadgets and artilugios technological with which seed the chaos to his around to carry different types of missions. An approach of video game half adventure half shooter that has raised important expectations from his presentation by his advanced graphic section and by his promising premise jugable that, certainly, does not resemble at all that there is in the gender of the open worlds. All type of vehicles to pilot, a generous fan of arms for the arsenal and the streets of Chicago like background curtain for an adventure of action in which Aiden Pearce has to confront to an important conspiracy in a way campaign that has the innovative detail that, if we allow it, other amateurs will be able to colarse in our parties and hackearlas or treat to finish with us.

Platform: Play Station 4
Also stops: PC Xbox One PS3 Xbox 360 Wii Or
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Distributor: UbiSoft
Gender: Action, Shooter, Hack and Slash (Modern)
Players: 1-8 (Competitive: Himself)
Launching: 27 May 2014 (Pegi: 18)
Sku 008888358046

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