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Micro SD - Elite - 16 GB

6.990,00 CRC
Impuestos incluidos
Micro SD - Elite - 16 GB

 A tall speed of reading and writing of UHS-I cards flash, what facilitates the storage and the exceptional access to images of tall quality and a photographic experience more comfortable. A variety of options of capacity that offer storage of until tens of thousands of images or tens of hours of length of video to satisfy the needs of the digital life. In fulfillment with the specifications of the Association SD. It is durable and compatible with different types of digital devices, endures SDHC and SDXC, and also all type of camera réflex and videocámaras.

    it Spent the proof of swipes, resistant to the water and X-rays. Also it is instrumented with the function of code of automatic correction of errors (ECC), to guarantee a tall stability and durability. Besides, SP offers guarantee for life to all the range of cards flash. Silicon Power uses the technology SD, with the consent of the members of the Association SD, and the permission of CLA, permission of card and CPRM / CPPM, Agreement of Licence respectively SD-3C, LLC and 4C Entity, LLC. We insist in offering to the consumers products of tall quality and a complete service.



                 it Captures images of tall quality with prolonged periods for video of Full HD 1080p with any microSD UHS-I

                  compatible with  Android and other intelligent telephones or tablets

                 *The taxes of transfer can vary, depend the platform of the system, software, interface.

                  Performance of recording of video Class 10

                  The software of free download SP-Widget, provides functions of big scope, such like backup of data,

                  enciphered AES of 256 bits, and storage in the cloud for the efficient management of data.

                 To proof of swipes, resistant to the water, and x-rayproof

                 Instrumented with the function of code of automatic correction of errors (ECC)


General Information

Name of the Product

Micro SD - Elite




Silicon Power




Silicon Power


16 GB

Dimensions of the product

11 x 6.8 x 2 cm

Weight of the Product

20 g

Dimensions of the article

1.5 x 1.1 x 0.1 cm

Weight of the Article

5 g


To all Latin America


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