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PS4 - Call of Duty Black Ops IIII

₡ 42 911.50
₡ 26 411.50 Save ₡ 16 500.00

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Our new game mode designed to bring out the best tactical gameplay of each specialist.

Duel for Chaos Teams

A playlist that takes our popular game modes not based on the goals and adds a spin. The format here is 6v6 players, and allows two soldiers of each specialist per team for chaotic fun - including team duel and confirmed death.

Capture Moshpit

This playlist combines our favorite game modes based on the objectives with a frenetic pace: domain and hot spot.

Search and destroy

If you like the most conservative strategy, Search and Destroy is for you. With new weapons and specialized equipment, the tension is palpable.

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Image result for call of duty black ops 4

Image result for call of duty black ops 4


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