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The return of Chloe Frazer
Delve into the excitement and adventure of the hand of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy for PlayStation 4. Naughty Dog, creators of great titles like The Last of Us or the own saga Uncharted, bring you the first independent adventure located in the universe of Uncharted. In this game of action and adventure in the third person you will find dangers, legends and mythical artifacts. 

The Uncharted plot: The Lost Legacy revolves around a mystical and legendary Indian artifact. Chloe Frazer, must join forces with the mercenary Nadine Ross so that a ruthless guerrilla does not take control of the mythical artifact. An unparalleled journey awaits you in the very heart of the mountains of India at the hands of these two adventurers. Both must learn to work as a team if they want to unravel the mystery that hides the artifact. Now it is up to them that the power of the artifact does not end in the wrong hands and the entire region ends up in chaos. 

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy recovers Chloe Frazer, one of the most beloved characters by the fans, and places her in the leading role. This treasure hunt has an ingenuity, an ability to improvise and a knowledge of archeology at the height of Nathan Drake himself. She is an impulsive adventurer and a fighter who trusts her wit. He may not have an unblemished ethic, but his results can not be discussed. In this title, Chloe must team up with Nadine Ross, the leader of the Shoreline paramilitary group who faced Drake in Uncharted 4. In this new stage as a mercenary, Nadine is a calm and calculating agent able to take the helm in any situation. Together, Nadine and Ross will have to deal with the powerful leader of an insurgent rebellion known as Asav. Why is he digging up treasures and relics? Discover it in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy exclusively for PlayStation 4.

  • Move through the most extensive areas ever seen in a game of the Uncharted saga.
  • New weapons that offer new combat mechanics as the gun with silencer, the first silenced weapon in the saga that brings new tactical aspects.
  • New game mechanics such as the ability to force locks.
  • The Lost Legacy gives you access to Uncharted 4's Multiplayer and Survival modes: The Thief's Disengagement.
  • Improved for PS4 Pro.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy:  is an independent expansion (you do not need to have Uncharted 4 to play it) and takes place a few months after the events of Uncharted 4. The Lost Legacy offers remarkable graphics, a captivating story, lots of action and incredible film sequences; that is, all the elements that have made known and acclaimed to the saga. Added to this are gameplay novelties such as special weapons with silencer, C4 explosives, mini-games to open locks and classic items such as collectible items and hidden sequences.


Department:  Playstation 4  
Players:  1  
Classification:  MATURE  
Gender:  ACTION  
Developer:  NAUGHTY DOG  
Brand:  SCEA 


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