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Terms and conditions

These terms of use, privacy and selling policies (in general conditions) aim at regular stores Arcadia applications with the name www.tiendasarcadia.com which is owned by Arcadia Multimedia S.A., the online store user must know and accept the following terms and conditions before making your purchase since this subject under the following regulations.

General conditions:

Anyone over 18 can buy within the platform of sale in line of www.tiendasarcadia.com property of Arcadia Multimedia S.A. and may purchase any of the products or services offered within the platform in different devices where the customer has access to transactions and navigate within the shop online www.tiendasarcadia.com

Ownership and intellectual property:

www.tiendasarcadia.com online store has been created by Arcadia Multimedia S.A. by which the ownership of the same corresponds to that company, so content, trademarks, logos, emblems, commercial advertising, images, texts, videos, are the property of Arcadia Multimedia S.A. and are protected by the law of rights of copyright and neighboring rights, law on trademarks and other distinctive signs and any rule of national or international treaties or conventions. For which customer is obligated to use this platform online for use in purchase of goods and services while respecting the ownership of the intellectual property of www.tiendasarcadia.com if the client uses this platform's for sale for a purpose other than for which it was created, destabilizes it modifies, reproduces, copies, transmitted or used in any other way the contents of stores Arcadia must assume the legal responsibilities that may arise from them.

Used pictures are illustrative, however, always looking for that product that you purchase is equal to which saw within the buying platform, variations may occur due to changes in manufacturer. It has our commitment to 100% satisfaction in your product.

Scope and delivery of merchandise:

Shopping Arcadia can be accessed by any user in any part of the world, the user can purchase from anywhere in the world, however any product purchased through the online platform will be delivered and will have coverage in territory of Costa Rica through different methods of delivery post of Costa Rica (24 Hrs) and delivery Express(3Hrs a 5hrs) which will have a user purchase not superior for 24 hours once confirmed delivery time, if for some reason out of the Shopping Arcadia control item is not available at that time, service personnel the customer communicate with the customer immediately to search for the best way to solve or making the money back immediately.

At the time of purchase the customer must take a delivery address as detailed as possible, using province, canton and district, of not being able to deliver the product due to lack of accurate information on the address customer must be the withdrawal in the Post office of Costa Rica nearest your location, being responsible for unique customer for additional costs resulting from storage in Costa Rica post. Arcadia stores through the platform puts at the disposal of the customer to view the status of your order by entering the system with the username and password in the option of annual free/history and details of my orders, if the customer for some reason doubt with his ped gone you can communicate via email to info@tiendasarcadia.com referencing your order number and consultation. For all delivery it is essential to show the identity card and sign the received as, delivery will take place only to the person of the holder of the purchase, if for any reason the customer needs another person to receive your order should indicate it at the time of purchase leave a message space you want to leave a comment about your order, please email it to continuacion¨, indicating the name and ID of the person who will receive the goods and which becomes responsible for the holder of the purchase and who must present card to receive delivery of product, exonerating Arcadia Multimedia S.A. of any improper use of your merchandise.

Once customer received the product and signed the delivery document is accepted the received goods in perfect condition not accepting claims by hits, damage, scratches, cracks or any other defect which arises from a mishandling by what the client is obliged to reject the product if it is not in excellent condition to receive exonerating Stores Arcadia's responsibility for defective product is returned in the future.

The delivery of digital codes in purchases made after 10:00 pm Costa Rica time, will be delivered the next day after 8:00 am.

Privacy of information:

The law of protection of the individual against the treatment of their personal data and prior use of stores Arcadia, customer expressly that he knows and accepts the following conditions on the storage and processing received data personal, sensitive, unrestricted access and restricted access that follows:

  1. Arcadia Multimedia S.A. has a database of personal information for storage and processing of personal data pursuant to the services provided to its customers in different brands representing.
  2. That collect data from Stores Arcadia aims to get to know the profile of your current customers and potential wishing to make purchases in stores Arcadiayour data may be used for purposes of processing and approval of purchase requisitions in line, services, and the prospecting and offering other products and services.
  3. That recipients of personal data can be accessed by stores Arcadia partners, advisors, partners, shareholders, creditors, regulatory authorities and supervisory. The requested information must be complete and truthful otherwise stores Arcadia may deny your request. The customer has the right to supply or not all data requested by stores Arcadia, however, in the event that refuses to provide the information required by stores Arcadia, under the terms and requested time, stores Arcadia you can unilaterally andautomatic refuse the provision of services and terminate any contractual relationship unless it requires responsibility for Arcadia Multimedia S.A.
  4. That with the above law assist me a series of rights in relation to personal information that you provide to stores Arcadia as it is the right of updating, removal of the information supplied, clarified that the information provided will be of my property Arcadia stores may assign, collect, buy, verify and check my personal data in other databases of third parties, as well as transfer and Exchange personal data to obtain and keep in the database to store Arcadia. Also is understood that stores Arcadia may not sell or commercialize in any form my information, this occasion and for the effective delivery of services requested or offered by stores Arcadia


The prices offered in-store online TiendasArcadia.com will be expressed in dollars and colons and the customer can cancel with the currency of your choice, shall be determined with the current exchange rate on the day of the central bank more three points above theselling price. The price of the product may vary without prior notice, the final cost is the baggage during the purchase process, likewise all prices in the shop already include sales tax and any other tax authorities will include in the future determine.

Methods of payment:

TiendasArcadia.com offers to make your online shopping the following means of payment:

  1. Bank transfer : transfer to local bank Banco Nacional de Costa Rica and Bac San José with account in colones and dollars in both cases on behalf of Arcadia Multimedia S.A.
  2. Credit and debit cards : card brand Master Card, Visa, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diner Club.
  3. Financing Credix: Business Alliance with financial Credix World S.A, which will allow you to make purchases financed
  4. Financing Credomatic: by payments rate 0 credomatic and also minicuotas of credomatic will be available


All products purchased at the store online stores Arcadia have 30 days stipulated by law, additional time for each item will be indicated clearly on the purchase invoice. Customer must enforce the guarantee terms and conditions the manufacturer directly when thus it warrants it and stores Arcadia can fill out via email to info@tiendasarcadia.com or calling the telephone exchange 2201-5190 for a monitoring service customer to coordinate your warranty. Once we receive the product in our offices located in San Pedro, Montes de Oca, and checked to rule out obvious damage that is out of warranty as you are blows, sprains, breaks, liquid, will proceed with the receipt of the product for its respective procedures and inform the customer about their number of formality to the email address provided by the customer.


If at the time of delivery of the product it does not meet your expectations (size, color, style, design, capacity, etc) the same should not be received and delivery ticket carrying the carrier must sign and indicate non-compliance, our service the customer will be on the lookout for their non-conformity and coordinate the delivery of change of the article for that single, if the price has a variation the customer must cancel the difference of money of the new article, download products as in the case of software and download card if the license or download has been activated do not apply returns.

Cancellation of order policies:

If the client so wishes, he can cancel his order in a time no longer than one hour after making the purchase. You must inform us of your decision by email: info@tiendasarcadia.com. If you make the payment by credit or debit card, the money will be returned within a period of the following 48 hours, applying a rebate of 5% of bank fees.

Return Policy:

You as our client can make the return or change of the product as long as the product is returned with the original packaging, sealed, in excellent condition, not used. The package can be returned within the next 48 hours at most to our postal address at no cost. The client must send us an email. In the message it must be explained if you want the change or the return of the money.

Products in catalog:

The catalogue of products may vary at any time and without prior notice, as well as their prices, by which customer runs item and the price at the time of purchase.

Exclusion of liability:

The client must be aware that when you enter the store online stores Arcadia this at the address www.tiendasarcadia.com, we recommend always before exit to verify that your session is closed completely, also verify that the product or service It acquired is correct for what stores Arcadia is not responsible for any errors or omissions. Shopping Arcadia assumes no responsibility for any accident, diseases, deaths, medical expenses, direct or indirect damages that might have a customer or third party for the use or enjoyment of the products purchased through the store in line shopping Arcadia


The user, TiendasArcadia.com online store customer says that it compensated and remain unscathed to Arcadia Multimedia S.A., its officials and employees, directors and shareholders for liability, damage or damages arising from the violation of the terms and conditions referred to in the present document to the detriment of shopping Arcadia


Purchases I made through customer online store TiendasArcadia.com will be governed by the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica, being understood, under any circumstance that the purchase made through the platform are executed within the territory Costa Rican.


The user and customer acknowledges that any dispute pursuant to the interpretation and application of the present document or circumstance arising from the use of the platform of the store online TiendasArcadia.com will be resolved under the arbitration of law which will be transacted in the Centre of dispute of the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica whose rules the parties are subject in unconditionally. As a result, the client expressly disclaims the ordinary jurisdiction of the courts of Costa Rica.


For consultations, clarifications, questions the user may communicate to phone 2201-5190 or email info@tiendasarcadia.com

Credit Prices:

The amounts of the monthly credits shown on each product are not exact are approximate prices.